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    Our 100% Hassle Free Direct Mail Service might be the most reliable service you’ve ever experienced. Unlike a lot of other companies who claim they can do direct mail service that either need YOU to participate the sorting process or to pay a higher postal rate. We provide full service from the very beginning to the very end. Your advertisements are gurarantee to be mailed to your prospective customers. No games, no hassles.


Free market research - Select your search criteria.

    Radius count - We can use your restaurant as the center and search all the residences in a given distance. Usually, businesses will use 1-3 miles as the distance.
    Zip Code count – We can search all the residence by a given zip code.
    Business list count – We can search all the businesses with the above mentioned criteria.

New sealing techniques

    We use a new sealing technique that doesn't mark the appearance of your menu like traditional sealing tabs. Most direct mail is sealed with white wafer tabs that can cover up important information. Our sealing technique doesn't cover anything.

Address imprinting

    We imprint the address directly on the menu so that it presents a finished, professional look.

Sorting and Packaging

    In order to qualify for the lowest postal rate ($0.157), the mail (menu) has to be sort according to postal regulations and packaged in post office approved trays with all the correct labeling. Lowest postage, guarantee! * Please make sure that your direct mail service company does this, if they don’t then you will not be able to qualify for the lowest rate and / or you will have to do this yourself – Wasting your labor cost and valuable time.

Documentation Preparation

We fill out all necessary forms the post office requires. Now, all you need to do is to bring the mailing to the post office.

Address Imprinting: $380/10,000 (includes Invisible Sealing)

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